Sep 24

THEM! (1954)

ThemSunday October 25 4:00 pm THEM! (1954) 94 min. D: Gordon Douglas. Those annoying atom bomb tests strike again by creating a nest of gigantic ants in the New Mexican desert that threaten the world. The first of the “big bug” flicks remains the absolute best of its kind with crackling performances by James Whitmore, Edmund Gwenn, Joan Weldon, James Arness and Onslow Stevens. Filmed on location in the Mojave Desert and the downtown Los Angeles river basin. Superbly paced and suspenseful:

Not to be missed on the big screen!

Sep 24


ItCameFromOuterSpaceSunday October 25 1:00 PM IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE (1953) 81 min. D: Jack Arnold. Nobody believes an astronomer (Richard Carlson) after he observes a spaceship crashing in the Arizona desert. As strange events begin to pile up, the xenophobic desert populace succumbs to panic! Filmed near Palmdale and Victorville and co-starring Barbara Rush, Charles Drake, Joe Sawyer, Russell Johnson and Kathleen Hughes. Co-written by Ray Bradbury, this seminal sci-fi thriller also boasts an eerie music score composed by the great Henry Mancini.


Sep 24


thethingSunday October 25 10:00 AM THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD (1951) 87 min. D: Christian Nyby. Renowned filmmaker Howard Hawks produced this stylish classic about a bloodthirsty alien terrorizing a North Pole research station. A sparkling ensemble cast headed by Kenneth Tobey, Margaret Sheridan, Robert Cornwaithe, Douglas Spencer, Dewey Martin and Robert Nichols keeps everybody warm by clipping off the acerbic dialogue penned by Charles Lederer, Ben Hecht and Hawks. A keen sense of humor was required to combat the dreaded “supercarrot” organism memorably portrayed by James Arness before he patrolled Dodge City in TV’s Gunsmoke.


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